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Late in life Charles Darwin penned:

I feel no remorse from having committed any great sin, but have often and often regretted that I have not done more direct good to my fellow creatures.

For the last 20 years Chris Darwin (Charles’ great great grandson) and a group of friends have been on a mission to complete Charles’ unfinished business and so prevent the global mass extinction of species.

Is this possible?

There is a silver bullet.

The fishing industry is responsible for the lion’s share of the destruction under the waves. On land the world’s forests are being felled at the rate of a football pitch per second, mostly to make way for livestock. Both these industries are providing us with meat.

Consequently the silver bullet is simple: inspire the Western World to eat less meat.

Fortunately, what is good for the health of the planet is also good for our health. If everyone is the West only eat meat 3 times a week and fish twice a month, not only would the destruction of the world’s forests cease and the world’s fish stock would recover but

  1. Our health would improve,
  2. It would save us money,
  3. Greenhouse emissions would drop,
  4.  It would free up grain to feed the world’s hungry and
  5.  Cruelty to animals in industrial agriculture would reduce.

What a wonderful combination of benefits.

Currently Darwin’s Unfinished Business is developing a mobile app with the simple aim: inspiring Nature Lovers around the world to have just one meat free lunch or dinner per week. Just one.

This is a campaign to save Mother Nature, because when all is said and done, a good planet is hard to find.

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Chris and son Ras on the Charles Darwin Reserve
Chris and son Ras on the Charles Darwin Reserve
Photo: Annette Ruzicka – Bush Heritage Australia

Chris Darwin

Chris Darwin’s big hairy audacious goal in life is to prevent the Global Mass Extinction of Species.

He has a BSc in Psychology and Physical Geography. Two of his expeditions are recognised by the Guinness Book of Records as world firsts: the first Round Britain Windsurf expedition; and the World’s Highest Dinner Party on top of Peru’s highest mountain – an event that was only marred by the wine freezing and two of the guests getting hypothermia during dessert. With John Amy he has written two books: The Social Climbers and The Ultimate Australian Adventure Guide.

His first job was to start the first London bicycle rickshaw company. He then worked in advertising, following which he was a canyoning, abseiling and rock climbing instructor for 20 years.

Chris financed the creation of the 168,000 acre Charles Darwin Reserve in Western Australia. He has raised over $1.3 million for charities and is an ambassador of the natural conservation charity: Bush Heritage Australia.

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