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Increased Traffic Growth of 350% In Blog Optimization for Phone Case in South Korea

The Overview

This brand provides high-quality protective gear for a ton of mobile devices, along with gaming supplies, outdoor items, and other accessories. They design products which enhance life on the go, and are already a global brand.


But the company had some difficulty finding its place in the Korean market; and that is where Inquivix comes to the rescue.

The Challenges

Phone Case in South Korea

The company had concerns about finding its place in the Korean market, when it did not receive a lot of engagement, traffic, and views on blog posts; this was because they ranked fairly low in the search results on Naver. The brand’s posts and website were not optimized for the Korean search engines, and this needed to be improved.

The engagement rate was below average in terms of reach and impressions in the overall website. Hence, the requirement of 100% high-quality optimized content to provide a successful rate and organic search traffic was necessary. Inquivix optimized blog posts to ensure that all relevant keywords were utilized for better lead generation.

The Approach

To solve this problem, our digital marketing professionals focused on optimising the blog posts for the Naver algorithm, incorporating keywords related to the company, and working with influencers to drive more traffic. These influencers also worked with blog posts, and the focus was getting more traffic, and engagement on the company’s website, and eventually the blog.

The Approach

The Naver brand blog follows a comprehensive method for optimizing your website’s ranking in the Korean community. In reality, utilizing the Naver blog to increase traffic, engagement, and visits to your website is a great idea. The Naver brand blog benefits companies by providing a rating and increasing the exposure of your website. The Naver blog aims to attract visitors by providing high-quality material, which is the foundation to your brand’s success.

It assists in providing relevant keywords to get the highest ranking in the blog. This gives you the optimum need to enhance your website ranking and also drive lead generation to your website. Inquivix provided an extensive keyword research analysis to ensure we get the best optimized content, with engaging and attractive content per the Naver audience.

We located and utilized the services of “Power Bloggers” who are Naver blog influencers, who greatly impact penetration of the Korean market. These influencers were used to share promotional and curated content about the company. These power blogs resulted in higher traffic and increased engagement rates.

Naver Brand management provides a great number of access to implement and utilize the page layout to help set up engaging content and optimize it to rank high in Naver Blogs. Also, Naver is structured to help get the maximum interaction from the audience.

The Process

The Process

The team focused on enhancing our client’s blog content by revamping their new Naver blog which included generic and relevant keywords connecting their niche. Inquivix commenced with Naver blog influencers, who utilized distribution to fill the SERP with brand-related products in order to rank high for challenging keywords like “Iphone case” with high search traffic.


The audit process provides Inquivix with a general understanding of how the website is, how the market works, what keywords are targeted and the overall aspect on how it can work best to reach the market and the audience. 

Defining Goals

The goals will help us and the client to set targets and reach achievements on the set project of the clients. Therefore, this will give an opportunity to ensure that our clients meet their set requirements. 

Preparation and Deployment

We built search-based advertisements, to be dispersed throughout the selected networks; depending on the audience and goals. All advertising material will be sent to our clients for approval before being sent out after distribution, and all of them will be evaluated by our customer before going public.


Every month, we deliver a report on the campaign’s current status and performance, as well as extra data, to the campaign manager.

Results with Inquivix

We saw great results in the 3 months of the running campaign, with both the blog and website growing to thousands of visitors per month. The brand ranked first page for many major keywords like Iphone 12 when it was first released. This, along with the help of the influencer blog posts, caused the brand to experience a lot of traffic, and gain many new customers in Korea.

Results with


We saw great results with exponential growth, every month with this campaign. The brand continued to grow and rank higher in the Naver search results. Hence proving that Inquivix is a data-driven company, which closely tracks the results of our campaigns. 

We also adjusted the method, if needed, to achieve the best results for our client, always looking further than just one campaign. The goal was to keep substantial growth, while reaching your brand’s full potential. 

Inquivix was able to draw solid conclusions from this campaign, and formulated a comprehensive list of the achieved results; along with our recommendations for possible next steps, the company could take surrounding their digital marketing.