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Traffic Growth of 250% For a Luxury Wood Panel and Flooring Brand in Indonesia

Here, a case study of a project completed by Inquivix in Indonesia for a premium wood panel and flooring company is presented. We’ll talk about how Inquivix increased organic search traffic and interaction with SEO tactics, as well as how we increased the existing ranking situation in Google’s SERPs using effective marketing methods.

The strategies used in this SEO case study are not limited to this industry alone. In fact, they can be used in a variety of industries.

The Background

The Background

Before moving on further, here’s some background about the company whose SEO case study is at hand. It is a luxury wood panel and flooring specialist company that specializes in solid finished flooring, wooden stair flooring, decking, wall panels, and other residential components. The client is established in Indonesia, with their own factory for manufacturing various kinds of wooden flooring and wall paneling from materials sourced within Indonesia. They have been in business for over two decades and through this time have continuously been producing high-quality flooring products to meet customers’ needs. 

The Opportunity

Luxury Wood Panel and Flooring Brand in Indonesia

Modern housing products are a constantly evolving and growing market segment. However, this is a luxury niche with steady growth, but not too fast.  There are many ways to capture this market. One of them is through online marketing, which is quite easy to access by using the internet.

In order for the company to grow, it was important that it had a solid digital marketing foundation in place. In this day and age, most people are going online to research products before making a purchase. It makes sense then that if a company can have their company website optimized for search engines, they have a good chance of growing the business.

And while it takes more than just SEO to build a successful online business, the case study should give you some good insights into how a proper SEO campaign can help it grow.

The Challenge

Traffic Growth Challenge

Though the client’s website has been established and running for a few years, the traffic generation had become stagnant. The website would not rank high on SERPs despite their efforts. When users discovered the client website, the visitors would not engage much on the site and quickly leave without giving time to generate a lead.

Basically, all marketing efforts were focused on offline activities. Since there was no online presence, these marketing channels yielded low returns quickly. As a result, the client’s lack of visibility in search engines prevented them from being known among their target audience. The brand had direct competitors, that have done well with SEO, who were stealing their share of potential customers.

Identifying that their website was not performing well, the client reached out to Inquivix for a consultation. After our initial assessment, we realized the lack of search engine optimization (SEO) on their website was the major cause behind this. These included on-page optimization issues related to keywords, linking, and content among others.

The Approach

Traffic Growth Approach

Following up on our initial assessment, we conducted an in-depth audit and analysis of the website using up-to-date SEO best practices. Our team started with a full audit of the site, competitor SEO analysis, and content strategy. We then moved on to technical optimization for speed and mobile usability before finally launching an optimized link-building campaign to target article directories, social media sites, industry blogs, press releases, RSS news feeds, and more.

SEO Competitive Research

Our first step was to do competitive research for SEO on the major competitors of our client in Indonesia. The objective of this was to identify the gap between them and our client.  We identified that our client had a reasonable market share but was being outperformed by its competitors in terms of search engine rankings. Our client’s website lacked many SEO aspects which were affecting its performance. 

Our SEO competitive research analyzed several factors and here are the findings.


Domain Overview

Our first step was to analyze the quality of the website’s domain against its competitors since it is crucial to be aware of a website’s standing in the eyes of search engines. Our research found that their site had a good domain name, but lacked search engine optimization and strong backlinks.  So we knew that a key task was to improve their search engine rankings by driving more relevant backlinks from websites that have a similar audience.

Traffic Analysis

As the next step, we analyzed the website traffic insights with that of the competitors. The websites of the competitors were already optimized for search engines. This meant an uphill battle where the traffic needed to be increased by quite a bit.

Traffic Trends

Organic Research

Our next step was to carry out organic keyword research, using the top ranking websites as references, to identify the keywords that have good traffic potential for our client. We found keywords that were relevant to our client’s products and services along with gaps in their utilization of them.

Our research led to identifying the gaps in keywords and backlinks that would help us achieve our aim of increasing the brand’s online presence and ultimately driving more traffic to its website.

Flooring Keywords

With the findings from our research, the Inquivix team was able to craft a customized SEO process for the client that would result in a growth of website traffic. 


After the competitive research, the next stage was to analyze the client’s website. Our process began by auditing the site to determine what already worked well, and areas that would benefit from improvements.

We were able to discover several problems in this phase.

  • Website structure
  • URL structure
  • Keywords optimization
  • Internal linking
  • Meta description
  • Images
  • Word counts
  • Alt text
  • Duplicate content
  • Robot txt
  • Schema
  • Quality of the blog posts

The Strategy

Wood Panel Strategy

After analyzing their competitors, their site, and their contents to identify the problem areas Inquivix designed an SEO strategy, tailor-made for the client. The SEO strategy for this luxury wood panel and flooring company was structured around the concept of “building” their audience with long-term organic growth in mind.

We began by creating a list of keywords and key phrases which we wanted to rank highly for. We then devised a strategy to gain backlinks from multiple sources including industry sites, directories, websites, and forums. This targeted linking strategy allowed us to strengthen our link profile as the campaign progressed.

One of our main SEO services were providing them with high-quality content. This included 10 articles with a minimum of 1250 words each per month to increase brand awareness.

Inquivix creative teams crafted this content accordingly with the SEO process for search volume and keywords difficulties research. In addition to these, image optimization, metadata, and alt text along with internal and external linking were utilized to ensure that the content was optimized for search engines.

SEO Content Submissions

The Inquivix team’s content submission strategy was to have a relevant and reputable business with a high-authority domain publish the articles, while also incorporating our client’s domain in their material.

In addition to this process, the client’s social media channels connected with the brand needed to be optimized as a part of off-page SEO. Since Inquivix specializes in social media marketing as well, this additional service was provided by our in-house social media marketing team.

SEO On-page Optimization

Inquivix customized on-page elements such as keyword analysis, title tags, headers, and content to optimize their websites for the greatest ranking. This was an essential step in building a strong foundation for the brand’s search rankings and increasing traffic.

The Results

Wood Panel

The efforts had an immediate payoff as their wood panel and flooring website soon began to see positive results. Within two weeks, they experienced an impressive increase in traffic that ranged between 30-42%. Their rank on page one of Google improved with an increased average time spent on site by 78%. 

The SEO strategy that was implemented with the objective of long-term organic growth was successful as the client’s website growth multiplied by hundreds over the course of six months.

Wood Panel