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Global Traffic Growth of 350% For a Sports and Recreational Vehicle Brand

This case study will look at how Inquivix helped improve sports and recreational vehicle brands’ online presence across the board. This case study will take you through how search engine optimization (SEO) affected the client’s company directly, as well as indirectly – just by using SEO to help bring in more traffic to their website. After initiating the SEO campaign, Inquivix was able to help their client increase their global traffic by an incredible 350%. 

The Background

Sports and Recreational Vehicle Brand

The client was a global sport and recreational vehicle brand with a high presence in Europe, Australia, and the North American continents. Their product line includes ATVs, snowmobiles,  boats, jet skis, and more. The client has a design studio that focuses on the creation and improvement of technologies that are constantly more efficient, cleaner, and environmentally responsible. The brand’s mission is to promote outdoor recreational activities and to share their love of adventure. The client produces a product that is designed for high performance in a variety of terrains and requires a substantial website, SEO strategy, and constant marketing content updates.

The Opportunity

Sports and Recreational Vehicle Brand

The client has long been established in the European, Australian, and North American markets.  The client had already built up a strong online presence throughout these regions. They had been experiencing steady growth online over the past few years and they were now ready to take their SEO strategy global. However, the goal was to launch their products in the Asian region with an emphasis on driving sales through organic search traffic. The client’s main goal was to increase the number of visitors from relevant search terms, looking for their products and services. Their secondary goal was to increase conversion rates for relevant traffic.

The client was aware that they would need to adapt their previous online strategies and optimize for a new, untapped market. They wanted the agency to develop a global SEO strategy that would be implemented on a local level. The Asian region has many different countries with diverse cultures and languages that all require unique optimization techniques.

The Challenge


The client’s initial concern was global reach and being discovered in other regions where they didn’t have experience with search engine optimization. In addition to that, the client wanted to tap into an ever-expanding market by reaching Asia without any previous knowledge of how SEO in Asia worked. The client had the challenge of incorporating these differences into their SEO strategy and reaching the global market for the client’s niche, sports, and recreational vehicles.

They approached us with the desire to increase their online presence in the Asian market, especially on both Naver and Google. Though the client had experience with optimizing for Google in other regions, they had trouble tapping the Asian market with that knowledge. The Asian market is a mix of diverse cultures with sometimes having over 100 different languages or dialects in one country. Catering to this market is more challenging without the help of an expert. In addition to that, there are alternative search engines like Naver at play that follow their own optimization styles.

The only thing the client knew was that they wanted to be able to get their website in front of people who searched for keywords relevant to their product. They were not concerned with monetizing traffic until they found out how much ad revenue they could get from the traffic. The client was already successful in Europe and North America, so we did not have to start from scratch.

The Approach

Sport Vehicle Global_The Approach

The Inquivix team immediately got to work and began performing keyword research, creating a custom SEO audit and an organic search strategy that would increase traffic from relevant keywords, drive more qualified traffic and improve conversion rates for the site. We implemented our findings over the course of six months by executing each tactic outlined in our original plan.

After following up on our initial evaluation, we conducted a more thorough audit and analysis of the website, using cutting-edge SEO techniques. We began by conducting a thorough examination of the site, competitive SEO analysis, and content planning. After that, we focused on optimizing technical aspects such as load time and mobile usability before culminating with an optimized link-building campaign to focus on article directories, social media sites, industry blogs, press releases, RSS news feeds, and more.


Our first step was to conduct competitive research for SEO on our client’s top rivals. The goal of this was to figure out where the gap was in comparison to the client’s competition. We wanted to identify which ones of the client’s competitors were performing well in the other regions and how they were doing it. We identified that our client had a reasonable market share but was being outperformed by its competitors in terms of search engine rankings in some regions. Our client’s website lacked many SEO aspects which were affecting its performance in unfamiliar regions. This in turn affected their overall performance in the global market.

We conducted a thorough SEO competitive research to determine the following.

Sport Vehicle Global_Infographic

Domain Overview

Our first step was to evaluate the website’s domain quality against those of its competitors since search engines regard it as important. We discovered that their domain name was excellent, but that they needed to work on some aspects of search engine optimization and powerful backlinks. As a result, we knew that increasing the relevance of their backlinks from websites with a comparable audience was essential for improving their search engine rankings.

Traffic Analysis

We proceeded to look at the website traffic insights in conjunction with those of the client’s competitors. The websites of the competition had previously been optimized for search engines across the world. The client’s website traffic from some regions was stable while certain regions did not generate noticeable traffic at all. Whereas the top competitors were getting stable traffic globally. Because of this, it was necessary to create a strategy that would generate organic traffic growth by a significant amount.

Sport Vehicle Global_Traffic Trend

Organic Research

The Inquivix team’s next move was to carry out organic keyword research, utilizing the top ranking websites as references, to identify the keywords that have the potential for our client. We discovered terms that were relevant to our client’s products, as well as areas where they were underutilizing them.

Because we had a clear idea of what it would take to increase the brand’s online presence and drive more visitors to its website, our study identified the keywords and backlinks that would assist us in achieving this goal. We were also able to identify high-authority domains from where we could get backlinks to the client’s site for better credibility and traffic.

Keyword and Backlink Gap

We then used this knowledge to create a powerful SEO strategy and build a comprehensive link-building campaign, which would enable us to not only increase its rankings for targeted keywords but also provided a solid foundation on which we could build links in the future.


We then went on to inspect the client’s website in stages. Our technique began with auditing the site to see what worked well and where improvements were needed. Even though the website has been established and running for a while, it could always do with improvement.

Therefore we went on to complete a full site audit and website structure review. The results of this were analyzed by our technical team, who compiled a list of recommendations for us to implement in order to improve the site’s performance in search engines across the globe.

These were the recommendations from the technical team at Inqvuivix for areas that needed improvement.

  • Website structure
  • URL structure
  • Keywords optimization
  • Word counts
  • Alt text
  • Duplicate content
  • Internal linking
  • Meta descriptions
  • Images
  • Robot txt
  • Schema
  • Quality of the blog posts

The Strategy

Keyword and Backlink Gap

The Inquivix team identified the problem areas after researching the competition, their website, and their content in order to identify where the client needed improvement. Then, after studying their website and its content, an SEO strategy was prepared specifically for them. The SEO plan for this sports and recreational vehicle brand was designed around the idea of “growing” their worldwide audience over time through long-term organic development while taking the regional SEO requirements into consideration.

We began by compiling a list of keywords and phrases the client wanted to rank highly for. Next, we devised a plan to build backlinks from various sources, including industry sites, directories, webpages, and forums. As the campaign continued, our client’s link profile was improved through this targeted linking approach.

We supplied them with high-quality material, which included ten articles with a total of 1250 words each per month to raise brand recognition. The content services extended to social media marketing as well. We provided promotional campaigns and giveaways to raise brand recognition while creating compelling stories and images for them.

 This content was designed by Inquivix’s creative teams in accordance with the SEO methodology for search volume and keyword difficulties research. To guarantee that the material was optimized for search engines, image optimization, metadata, and alt text were all employed.

SEO Content Submissions

The Inquivix team’s approach to submitting material was to have a relevant and reputable site with a high-authority domain publish the articles while including our client’s domain throughout.

In addition to this procedure, the client’s social media accounts needed to be optimized as part of off-page SEO. Because Inquivix offers social media marketing services as well, our in-house social media marketing staff handled this extra service.

SEO On-Page Optimization

Inquivix performed a brand analysis and developed a mid-term plan to increase traffic, revenue, and lead generation. The team’s efforts included the development of a new website design with custom content assets that could be used across multiple channels such as search engine marketing (SEM), social media advertising, paid digital advertising networks, email marketing, and other areas.

Inquivix tailored the client’s website by editing on-page elements such as keyword analysis, title tags, headers, and content to optimize it for the highest position. This was an important step in developing a solid foundation for the brand’s search rankings and increasing traffic.

The Results

Keyword and Backlink Gap

In the first month of the campaign, we managed to get their brand on page one for 21 targeted keywords. We also had a plan in place to increase this number over time. Within the next 3 months, we saw a steady increase in organic site traffic. Our services helped generate more than 70,000 visitors to their site within three months. This gradually increased over time as the SEO strategies for the Asian region began to work. Especially with customized content for different regions attracted more visitors.

Our efforts paid off, and they achieved unprecedented success in terms of traffic growth; global visits increased by 350% in just five months.

Keyword and Backlink Gap