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Traffic Growth of 250% For Adult Products Retailer in South Korea

This is one of the case studies from the adult product sector, where Inquivix has used SEO services to create organic search traffic and growth. Among the various projects, Inquivix has undertaken this is one of the most challenging. It is a niche with generally very limited visibility and access. Even with such limitations, Inquivix was able to increase the organic traffic of the said business. This case study will help you understand how utilizing digital marketing strategies can drive your business forward.

The Background

Adult Product_The Background

The adult product industry, in most of the world, is not particularly known for its visibility due to various socio-cultural limitations despite the growing market. This is especially true in the South Korean market. This makes the adult product retailer’s job a lot harder because assessing the health of their company can be difficult. Most companies in this industry use a combination of intuition and gut feeling to make business decisions. So, when their conversions drop, they won’t be able to figure out why or how to fix it. However, using SEO and related digital marketing products Inquivix was able to improve this company’s organic traffic and conversion rate for several months.

The Opportunity

Adult Product_The Opportunity

The adult products market in South Korea has been growing for the past few years. As more products become available, the opportunities to reach consumers are growing significantly. Adult products companies seek online advertising as it gives them access to customers who are not looking for adult products in traditional stores. This allows them to advertise and get exposure without walking into physical stores or malls where many people will still cast a judgmental eye.

Tapping the online space for this market is also more cost-effective for companies where the margins are typically lower. As of late, more of these products have been made available online to be purchased and delivered quickly directly to consumers’ homes. This has led to a drastic increase in users being introduced to adult product-oriented search words on search engines, which has also increased paid keyword advertising of products of the niche.

The Challenge

Adult Product_Keyword

In South Korea, adult goods have become more accepted over time. With demand for adult novelties and items increasing, what was once considered “taboo” is now recognized to be a common feature of humanity’s existence. In response to this rising demand, a wide selection of products is now available through simple e-commerce platforms. Our client is a major online retailer of adult items in South Korea that competes for top spots on search engine results 

pages for numerous keywords against strong competition.

The South Korean e-commerce retailer faced limitations in online advertising policies regarding the product line. This affected the website visibility leading to fewer opportunities at conversion. Despite these significant difficulties, we remained creative in our approach. We devised a plan to help them upgrade their website and rank for keywords in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

The Approach

It was at this point that the business began working with Inquivix’s SEO experts to reverse the trend, reclaim lost ground in organic search, and improve their rankings for a wide range of terms. The company’s online presence needed to be improved, including a robust ongoing content strategy and techniques to counteract on-site and off-site factors that were impeding current organic search results.

Inquivix’s team of experts devised a comprehensive strategy that included keyword research, website restructuring, competitor research, and creative advertising campaigns. Furthermore, SEO ranking strategies for on-site and off-site to boost the business were devised to make sure that the client performed well on SERPs. After the initial stage of planning, these strategies were executed timely ensuring that they generate organic traffic and conversions.

Adult Product_The Approach

SEO Competitive Research

Understanding what your competitors are doing is key in coming up with a marketing strategy that can help you beat them, especially if they’re doing something better than you. To prevent wasting time and resources on unproductive marketing campaigns, this approach is useful.

Competitor research would indicate what are the gaps in your SEO strategy.

Adult Product_The Results

Domain Overview

During the competitive research, Inquivix compared the quality of the client’s domain on Naver and other search engines to their rivals’ in a strategic manner. This not only allowed for easy identification of competitors but also showed how the client’s website could be improved.

Traffic Analysis

Analysis of website traffic provided us with information on user behavior. We were able to identify seasonal traffic patterns as well as product reach. This information provided us with an understanding of how we can assist the client to improve the organic traffic.

Adult Product_Traffic trend

Organic Research

In-depth research was carried out to create the most relevant keywords connected to their field and those of their competitors, as well as the main organic keywords. The keywords used in the search engine were examined for search volume and difficulty.

It was identified in our client’s keywords and their competition’s organic keywords, generated by both the same backlinks, through keyword and backlink analysis. With regards to keywords, Inquivix identified several high-volume keywords that were relevant to the client’s products and services. Inquivix used data from this study to develop a carefully crafted SEO process that was tailored to our client’s specifications.


After completing our SEO competitor analysis, we assessed our client’s live website and found several on-page elements that were incorrect. Additionally, we analyzed how website content was different from competitors’ websites in order to identify our client’s competitive advantage.

A comprehensive analysis of the client’s website identified the following issues:

  • Website structure
  • URL structure
  • Keywords optimization
  • Internal linking
  • Meta description
  • Images
  • Word counts
  • Alt text
  • Duplicate content
  • Robot txt
  • Schema
  • Quality of the blog post

The Strategy

After a thorough study of their competitors, their website, and their content, the Inquivix team created a well-planned SEO strategy to improve the client’s SERP position and rankings. The client’s products are highly competitive within the industry, so Inquivix wanted to create a powerful SEO strategy and was successful with it.

Adult Product_The Strategy

Inquivix provided 10 high-quality articles each month, with at least 1250 words, according to the strategy based on our research findings. Our development team also worked hard to ensure that all of the material we supplied was SEO optimized, including relevant search volumes and keyword difficulty research, image optimization, meta tags, and ALT text handling, as well as internal and external link procedures. All content we provided was original, creative, unique, and passed through the plagiarism checks. The content was given a further quality check to ensure that it met the high standards of Inquivix. 

SEO Content Submissions

Inquivix devised a further content submission strategy by approaching a relevant and reputable business with high-quality domains to publish articles through guest posting and mentioning our client’s domain on their website for extra visitors. Inquivix made sure that all social media platforms connected to their business were optimized, and we supplied and executed successfully a social media marketing plan as part of our service.

SEO On-page Optimization

While we provided internal and external content for more visibility, Inquivix also created custom on-page components in terms of keywords, title tags, headers, and content for greater exposure. We also made sure that our client optimized the SEO On-page components so the site would perform better.

The outreach and link-building efforts were well-coordinated, always making sure that we never over-optimized our keywords. We constantly worked towards better rankings along with the clients to gain organic traffic through natural ranking processes.

The Results

The Results

The implementation of all of the above SEO tactics has resulted in the successful production of result-driven traffic for our client’s website. This, in turn, has increased their brand awareness via organic traffic.

Inquivix helped to rank the adult products website on top positions for all of its targeted keywords. This has translated to lots of quality traffic for this project. The growth rate achieved due to the successful efforts by our team was more than 250% for 6 months. At this point in time, websites conversion rates have also improved by a huge rate, which has translated to a significant revenue gain for the client.

Inquivix is proud to have been associated with all of our client’s achievements and looks forward to helping many more clients reach their potential.

Adult Product_The Strategy