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Traffic Growth of 300% For a Fashion Business in Europe

The case study we are discussing here is about how a fashion retailer in Europe increased its traffic with SEO strategies designed by Inquivix. We did a complete SEO audit and made changes to the client’s website and marketing strategies. This led to a 300% increase in traffic to the site.

Fashion Business in Europe

This case study is also applicable to eCommerce, fashion, or any business in a similar industry. We will be discussing the different strategies we employed to achieve this exponential traffic growth. People who want to learn how to improve their website’s traffic through SEO should read about these strategies and see how they work in action.

The Background

With global inspiration from traveling and a touch of local spirit from Indonesia, the fashion brand presents itself with a unique outlook and creativity. Indonesian artisans add flavor to the products with their traditional beading, lacemaking, and dyeing techniques, among others. 

The client’s online fashion business initially had slow but continuous growth. The client wanted to speed up the process of bringing their business to the forefront of Google Search, making it easier for people in Europe to find out about their products and services more efficiently than before.

Traffic Growth with SEO

The Opportunity

The client was established in Europe, but with the extremely competitive fashion eCommerce market there, they decided on a risky move. That was to focus on expanding their business to other European countries with an untapped market of customers.

Fashion Opportunity

This presented many opportunities as well as challenges. But navigating the SEO of the website would bring great opportunities to the client. After performing the initial research, we discovered that the client’s website was full of opportunities. It was easy for the Inquivix team of experts in marketing to come up with and run a successful SEO strategy for the client.

The Challenge

During our initial assessment of the client’s website, several challenges were identified. The biggest challenge we identified was that it was not optimized for SEO. There were obvious gaps in keyword utilization and link building that were affecting the site’s search rankings. Since the client was in the fashion industry, the website had to use a lot of high-quality images and photos. However, these were not optimized as well, causing the site to underperform.

Fashion Challenge

Due to all this, the client’s website did not have a good SERP ranking. The competition in the European market’s search results was high for our client’s eCommerce website, especially because it was in the fashion industry. So, the lack of visibility was affecting their sales. The client’s website had to be optimized for search engines in order to get it ranked higher on the SERPs.

The Approach

After the initial consultation and presenting the findings, the client realized the importance of optimizing their website. Therefore, Inquivix went ahead with its four-step approach: research and analysis, goal setting, strategy, and implementation.

Extensive research was done to identify keyword opportunities, rankings, organic traffic, and competitors. The findings were then analyzed to figure out what the goals were and how to make an SEO strategy to reach them.

Fashion SEO Approach

SEO Competitive Analysis

Competitive research was a key step in the research process. We identified our client’s direct competitors by searching Google for keywords related to the industry. We used the top 10 results as a list of sites that are similar or relevant enough to be considered direct competition. It offered us a broad view of where our client stood in terms of backlinks, relevant keywords, content optimization, and how they compared to the competition.

Fashion Infographic

Domain Overview

Inquivix’s goal in conducting a competitive research study was to evaluate the quality of the client’s website ranking on Google and other search engines against that of its competitors. This revealed that the client’s website had very little domain authority, though it had been operating for a few years.

Analysis of Traffic

Next, Inquivix conducted an analysis of the traffic generated by the client against that of the competitors. The study in turn provided an in-depth understanding of the current state of traffic performance in the context of how it compared with that of competitors. This allowed us to get insights about traffic that would benefit the client in optimizing their website

This research is an essential part of our search engine optimization strategy. In this way, we can look for opportunities that will help our clients grow their traffic and make more money.

Fashion Traffic Trend

Organic Investigation

The next step was to conduct organic research. We found out that the major European fashion brands have their official stores on the first page of Google search results. Additionally, national retailers have an even stronger presence, especially for search queries in local languages. As consumers are becoming increasingly globalized and international, being focused only on a single country is not good enough anymore. Global search engine users have different needs. Brands that offer to ship to Europe need to appear first for Google users searching in local languages. 

The client decided that they would like to focus on an increase in organic traffic and was able to identify the main keywords that had significant potential for their business. This assisted us in determining what distinguishes the client from competitors and how they can capitalize on it.

Our competitive research included keyword and backlink gap analysis. Due to a lack of keyword research and knowledge of the European market, we were able to uncover a large opportunity for the client in Europe which did not exist before. Analysis: It also found a list of sites with high domain authority that the client could add to their link profile to build trust.

There was a lot of help from this competitive research when setting goals for the client’s website and making the SEO strategy for it.

Fashion Keywords

On-Page SEO

After the competitive analysis, the next step was to conduct a comprehensive on-page SEO analysis on the client’s website. Inquivix’s in-house technical team was able to identify issues related to the following areas of the website:

  • Website structure
  • URL structure
  • Keywords optimization
  • Internal linking
  • Meta description
  • Images
  • Word counts
  • Alt text
  • Duplicate content
  • Robot Txt
  • Schema
  • The quality of the blog posts

The Strategy

Following a thorough audit of our client’s competitors, their website, and the content, Inquivix created a well-structured strategy that would provide enough SEO fuel to improve their website’s Google SERP ranking. After identifying keyword and link-building opportunities along with the on-page SEO, we developed a detailed plan and presented it along with our recommendations. The client then proceeded with allocating resources based on this plan.

Fashion The Strategy

The SEO strategy was based on a three-pronged approach: content creation and link building, technical website optimization, and on-page optimization. With our team of SEO experts, we created a strategy to bring this fashion business in Europe much-needed traffic and revenue growth.

One of our most important tasks was to create new content for this fashion business. We created a content strategy from scratch with the SEO process in mind. The Inquivix in-house creative team provided ten articles with at least 1250 words each per month, along with other social media content.

The client was not aware of the importance of backlinks, so Inquivix advised them to focus on building high-quality inbound links to improve their domain and page authority in search engine rankings.

We made sure that all of the materials were optimized for search engines, taking into account search volumes and keyword difficulties. We also optimized images, handled meta and alt text, and implemented internal-external link procedures.

SEO Content Submissions

Inquivix constructed a content submission strategy that included approaching sites in the same niche with high-quality domains, who were requested to guest post and mention our client’s website on their page, resulting in greater traffic. Inquivix also made sure that all of the client’s social media platforms were optimized, and we provided them with social media marketing strategies to improve their off-page SEO.

On-Page SEO Optimization

To ensure that the website was crawlable, Inquivix optimized all images and links to a standard format. To increase page speed, Inquivix made sure that both the front-end and back-end of the website were updated. As the client website needed to use a large number of images, the technical aspects were optimized in order to improve page load time.

The Results

Inquivix undertook a website audit for this fashion e-commerce business in Europe. The company was planning to increase its sales in the coming months. Our team looked at the client and their competitors’ websites and found ways to help them reach their goal.

Fashion SEO

The strategies devised by Inquivix digital marketing experts were effective in helping this fashion eCommerce business. The effects were immediate after the implementation of the Inquivix SEO strategy. The client’s website could see a 70% growth in traffic within 3 weeks. Inquivix continued to work with the client, helping them attain 300% growth in traffic in just 6 months.

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