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Impressions and Reach Growth of 300% For A  Healthy Snack Brand In Indonesia

This case study details how Inquivix increased the amount of Instagram impressions and reach for a healthy snack brand in Indonesia by employing social media strategies. We used effective marketing methods to improve the present situation concerning impressions and reach.  We also analyzed the changes made for this campaign by comparing the data from before, during, and after it was conducted.

Inquivix is a digital marketing agency that specializes in planning and executing digital marketing strategies for businesses from different sectors in Indonesia. We provide services such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Content Marketing, Social Media Management, and more.

The Background

Healthy Snack Brand In Indonesia

Our client is a pioneer in agricultural products and value addition in Indonesia. Their products are made from high-quality, healthy, and natural resources. Their mission is to be the market leader in the health food industry while creating a sustainable relationship with local farmers and improving food security in Indonesia.

The Opportunity


The healthy snacks market is rapidly growing in Indonesia as people becoming more health-conscious. Consumers are more aware of what goes into their mouths and on the constant lookout for brands that provide locally sourced healthy snacks. To tap into this ever-growing market, our client needed the help of a social media marketing expert and that is when they reached out to Inquivix.

The company primarily wanted to reach as many people as possible through digital marketing with the purpose of improving brand awareness, lead generation for its sales team, and customer engagement. In this campaign they wanted us to help them grow their organic following on Instagram as it was one of their main social media channels.

The Challenge


One of the main challenges our client faced was maintaining an engaging Instagram account. Even though the initial engagement was high at the point of introduction, it has decreased over time. They had a few loyal followers but they did not see noticeable growth in the follower count for several months.

The main reason for this was that their Instagram posts did not reach new and potential consumers. As with most social media channels, Instagram has become increasingly competitive over time which makes it difficult to stay on top of it.  Our client wanted us to help them create more engaging content for their Instagram account, that would drive traffic back to their website and increase the follower count. They also wanted to get the brand name out so it becomes a household name in Indonesia.

The Approach

Our client had difficulty in increasing their visibility on Instagram. We had to identify where the bottleneck was.  We found that there was a very limited number of target users following the business page.

We approached this problem with our four-stage growth framework. We analyzed the current situation, defined strategy/outcome goals, developed the strategy to achieve those goals, and completed implementation of the outcome.

We started with creating engagement in form of likes and comments, thus increasing their visibility to Instagram users. We used many tactics to increase the number of people engaging in our client’s posts, such as using relevant hashtags, engaging with followers and competitors’ followers, and posting at optimal times.

Healthy Snack_The Approach


As the first stage of our approach, we conducted an Instagram competitive research where we analyzed the top 10 competitors to identify the gap between them and our client. How many followers and what level of engagement did the competitors have and why? Our research produced insight into these and from there we were able to define our strategy and targets.

The following steps were taken by us to conduct the comprehensive research and arrive at the strategic decisions.

Social Media Audit

The Inquivix team conducted an in-depth social media audit on the client’s Instagram account and analyzed what type of content they had, and how was the engagement for each type. We looked into the data for reach vs impressions on their Instagram account.

Social Media Insight Analysis

Next,  and this is one of the most important parts, the team conducted a social media insight analysis.  We analyzed the organic posts on Instagram from a few major competitors that were doing very well at the time. During this stage, we were able to gather some important data on patterns and insights on what kind of posts were doing well as well as what kind of posts the competitors were creating.

Healthy Snack_Keyword

Social Media Goal-setting Framework

After collecting and analyzing the data, Inquivix’s team of experts came up with a social media goal-setting framework tailored for our client. One key aspect of this framework was to run regular audits every 6 months to assess and update the style and content according to the findings.

Instagram Brand Consistency

As a part of the social media audit, the Inquvix team analyzed the client’s live Instagram account to identify the weaknesses of their brand consistency. We ensured that the account presented a consistent brand image across the different aspects of Instagram. The following areas were updated accordingly to present a unified brand image and increase credibility.

  • Instagram Profile and cover images
  • Instagram Profile/bio text
  • Instagram Links
  • Instagram Pinned post
  • Instagram Description
  • Instagram Verification

The Strategy

After analyzing all the data gathered and creating a goal-setting framework, the Inquivix team of expert digital marketers devised a  strategy to tackle the Instagram marketing problem. This was offered in two stages: Instagram content management and Instagram advanced features. The following section discusses the implementation of this strategy in detail.

Healthy Snack_The Strategy

Instagram Content Management

Based on the findings from the competitor research, we decided on posting 8 images and 2 IGTV per month along with regular Instagram Stories for better engagement. In addition to the images, there would be 5 striking animated posts and 2 carousel posts to break the monotony. All of these were to be created with high quality to ensure the best engagement and brand image consistency. 

Social Media Content Brief

At Inquvix, before we start crafting the content, we designed the content briefs (the ideas, captions, and hashtags). This is to make sure the content is relevant to the business and all the members of the creative teams are aligned with the campaign strategy.

Social Media Content Creation

After the briefs were approved, our creative teams started creating the content for the entire month. The highly skilled design team created compelling images and animations while the writers came up with clever wording and hashtags. 

Social Media Content Scheduling

One of the challenges our client faced was consistent posting. The Inquivix team created an Instagram posting schedule to make sure the high-quality content got posted at the optimal times for reaching the target audience. 

Instagram Advanced Features

Instagram, like any other social media, is not just about “a post”. These channels need constant monitoring and maintenance to stay on top of the social trends. With the new content generated every second of the day, posts become old after a few minutes of posting. 

To ensure that our client’s posts reached the right audience, they needed to be boosted and the account maintained and updated accordingly. Here’s what we did to make sure our client’s Instagram performed well. 

We crafted them a high-quality and engaging bio-link that would connect the audience to all of their important links. This would ensure that the followers have a direct link to our client’s website without having to search for it. 

Social Inbox Instagram

Since the business is thriving and constantly expanding, the company could not spend much time handling the social inbox. Our solution was to select one employee that was knowledgeable of the products and work together to handle the communication with the audience. 

Social Media Reach and Impression Growth

Next, the best way to raise brand awareness was through increased impressions. It is the number of times a post is seen by users. This was easily done by utilizing a combination of relevant hashtags and sponsored posts. Along with the increased impressions, the reach, number of unique users who saw the posts, was also increased. This led to a growth in the followers for the Instagram page.

Healthy Snack_Organic traffic

Social Media Boosting

As we mentioned earlier, Instagram posts need to be boosted regularly to get the maximum reach. Our Instagram marketing strategy included a clearly defined plan for the post boosting. It identified which posts to be boosted and at which times to ensure the maximum reach.

Social Media Advertising

Boosting and Advertising, though sometimes used interchangeably, are different. When the boosting process is to keep the post reaching the audience, the advertising does not come from the posts, it’s crafted based on the event, contest, or promotional program of the client. The advertising strategy which was a part of the overall Instagram marketing strategy included the promotional content, events, and virtual contests to increase follower engagement. 

The Results

Healthy Snack_Client’s Instagram Performance with Inquivix

The client’s Instagram posts have gained a growth of 300% in reach and impressions since the implementation of the techniques outlined above. This has helped them create brand recognition and a unique identity for their company as a result of their efforts.

Healthy Snack_Ad Space